Download Windows Live Essentials and you will have Windows Live Mail on your pc which works like Outlook Express only looks different. Click on the link below here to download a mail client that you can use instead of webmail.

Windows Live essentials for WLM
Directions on how to set up your email address in WLM once you have downloaded the link above.

Click on Start, look for Windows Live Mail. If you don't see it, click on All Programs and look there. You may not see WLM but you may see Windows Essentials. It will be in there.

Open WLM, you should get a window, Add your email accounts.

In the first box type Leave the box checked to "Remember this password"

Type in your name for display name

Check the box "Make this my default email account" (you will only see this choice if you have another account in there)

Check the box, "Manually configure server settings then click" then click Next

Leave it on POP

In the Server Address box type and leave port 110

DO NOT check the box "Requires a secure connection (SSL)"

Leave the next box on "Clear text"

Under the logon username add" on your username so it is the full email address.

Up on the top right side of the page it is asking for Server address again and this will be the same as incoming, ""

You can check the box "Requires authentication" and change 25 to 587 then click Next

On this last page just click "Finish"

Now go back to ACCOUNTS on top, then Properties, then the Advanced tab and got down to the bottom and uncheck the box that says Leave a copy of messages on the server. Then OK