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Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
PA Sunday Hunting Bill Heads To House Floor
The Pennsylvania House Game and Fisheries Committee approved legislation allowing three days of Sunday hunting, leaving Senate Bill 147 just one step from being sent to Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf. The committee’s 21-4 vote comes a little more than three months after the Pennsylvania Senate approved the bill by a 36-14 vote. Pennsylvania is one of only three states with a near-total ban on Sunday hunting...

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    Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
    Maine Anti-Gun Package Scheduled For Hearing
    On October 23rd, the Maine Legislative Council will meet to approve requests to introduce emergency legislation. Several of the proposals before the council include anti-gun schemes such as banning commonly-owned firearms, requiring gun owners to purchase mandatory liability insurance, expanding arbitrary zones where law-abiding citizens are left defenseless, and imposing one-size-fits-all...

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