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Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
Record-Setting Interest In Self-Defense
Two trend lines related to our issue have diverged in a remarkable way that indicates that firearms and the 2nd Amendment are fundamental American mainstays. We’ve covered the string of record-breaking NICS background check numbers since the onset of the pandemic, and July NICS data continues that trend. New data from Gallup shows...

  • New Hampshire Governor Vetoes Firearm Seizure Bill
  • California Anti-Gun And Anti-Hunting Bills Continue To Move
  • MD Court Reinstates Challenge To Handgun Licensing Scheme
  • Sig Sauer Begins Shipping Cross Bolt-Action Rifle
  • Six Great Double-Stack Compact Handguns
  • This Day In America's History
  • Write Your Representative

    Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
    NH Firearm Seizure Bill Goes To Governor
    House Bill 687, sponsored by Representative Debra Altschiller (D-Rockingham 19), allows ex parte orders to suspend Second Amendment rights without adequate due process. Further, if the order is vacated after an individual surrenders their firearms, that individual will have to go to court to have their property returned...

  • NRA Files Lawsuit Against NY Attorney General
  • NY Attorney General Letitia James Sues To Dissolve NRA
  • Pennsylvania Democrats Fear Lawsuit Against NRA Helps Trump
  • Women Gun Ownership Spikes Amid COVID-19, Protests
  • Biden’s 'Gun Violence' Plan Is Bad News For Gun Owners

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