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Federal Court Rejects DC ‘Good Reason’
Requirement For Concealed Carry

The U.S. Appeals Court handed a victory to gun rights advocates seeking to overturn the District of Columbia’s strict “may-issue” policy for issuing concealed carry permits. The three-judge panel issued a permanent injunction Tuesday prohibiting city authorities from enforcing a “good reason” test as part of its gun licensing program, which has resulted in more permits declined than granted and has...

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  • NSSF Declares August National Shooting Sports Month
  • Baltimore Waters Down Mandatory Minimums For Illegal Guns
  • NRA Applauds Court Ruling On DC Concealed Carry
  • Wisconsin Increases Bobcat Harvest Quota To 750
  • Mississippi New Deer Regs, Misinformation Raise Questions
  • Federal Ammunition Non-Typical Deer Hunting Ammunition
  • Minnesota Pet Goldfish Virus Causes Carp Kill In Lake Elysian
  • MI Deer Runs Amok In Furniture Store, Causes $50K In Damage
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    Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
    Texas Constitutional Carry Bill Reintroduced
    Republican state Rep. Jonathan Stickland proposed HB 296 on Monday to allow adults otherwise lawfully able to possess a firearm under federal and Texas laws to carry a handgun concealed or openly without a permit. Stickland backed a permitless carry measure during the regular session, but it and a similar bill failed to make it to the floor before Texas House Speaker Joe Straus gaveled the chamber...

  • Appeals Court Blocks Restrictive DC Carry Law
  • NC Governor Signs Sunday Hunting Expansion Bill
  • Firearm Industry Reacts To High-Profile ‘Smart Gun Hack’
  • IL Bill Would End Gun Range Exemption From Noise Complaints
  • Minnesota Keeping Mille Lacs Walleye Fishing Closed
  • Indiana DNR Accepting 'Fish Of The Year' Photos Online
  • Michigan Firefighters Heading To Canada To Fight Wildfires
  • Wisconsin Fire Control Program Sends Firefighters North
  • NRA Grant Helps Equip Texas Sheriff’s Department
  • California Gun Range Faces Uncertain But Hopeful Future
  • GA Gun Shop Owner Caught Trying To Sell Unregistered 20mm

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