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$1.1 Billion In Gun Taxes For Wildlife Agencies
“Every time a firearm, fishing pole, hook, bullet, motor boat or boat fuel is sold, part of that cost goes to fund conservation,” said Zinke. “The best way to increase funding for conservation and sportsmen access is to increase the number of hunters and anglers in our woods and waters.” Enacted during the Great Depression, Pittman-Robertson is credited with largely saving the sport of hunting in the country...

  • IA House Approves Gun Rights Constitutional Amendment
  • Delaware Bill Raising Age To Buy Funs Clears House
  • Alabama Bill To Increase Rifle Purchase Age From 18 To 21
  • Maryland Incident Deflates ‘No Guns In School’ Argument
  • SAF Toll Free Hotline For Students To Report Anti-Gun Bullying
  • 'Gun Violence' Studies Should Include How Guns Save Lives
  • Canada Introduces New Gun Control Measures
  • YouTube Begins Banning Videos Involving Guns
  • This Day In America's History
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    Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
    STOP School Violence Act Of 2018
    The Student, Teachers, and Officers Preventing (STOP) School Violence Actwould appropriate $50 million per year for schools to develop “threat assessment systems” in line with recommendations from the FBI and Secret Services, in hopes of stopping such would-be killers before they commit acts of violence. Improving school security through the use of technologies and increased personnel. Anonymous reporting...

  • Seattle Gun Tax Revenue Spirals Further Down
  • IL Pro-Gun Rally Draws Hundreds To Downtown Decatur
  • NY Governor Backs 10-Day Wait For Background Checks
  • Washington’s Extreme Risk Protection Orders Explained
  • Obama Admin Made It Easier For Criminals To Get Guns
  • Anti-Gun Groups Continue To Embrace Hillary Clinton

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